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Phone: 0409675917

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Being asked to paint or create a commission is the ultimate compliment. A prospective commission of one of our very talented artists works involves the request of and payment to create a personalised piece of art. These projects can be very challenging, but are always very successful ventures. BURUMIN acts as a buffer in negotiating the commission price, sale and delivery date, and you will have the privalage of communicating directly with the artist concerning the creation of the artwork.

First of all: You must understand that the successful commission is collaboration between the Artist and the Collector. The success of the project hinges on the success of the working relationship between Artist and client.

Our Artist are commited to listening to and clearly communicating with the paying customer. At BURUMIN we strive to keep a positive attitude that makes the Collector feel confident in choosing us.

Once you have contacted BURUMIN in regards to commissioning an Artwork things will usually run as follows:

Meeting #1:

  • BURUMIN will meet with the client to discuss and conceive the initial project.
  • We will usually ask for digital photographhs to be emailed to us prior to this meeting and will have made notes about the color and of the room for reference.
  • During the meeting, We will haveDigital Imagery to show you a selection of our past commission portfolio. This will help the BURUMIN team see your likes and dislikes about color and design. It will also help us steer you in the right direction of an Artist that would meet the clients style and taste needs. The more familiar BURUMIN is with the client the more likely they will be comfortable with the finished product. That is why we request this initial meeting:

We will discuss

what the client envisions:

  • What is their initial perception of the project?
  • What colors do they like to live with?
  • Is there a mood they want to capture?
  • Each artist has a different way of working and this will be explained to clients regarding the artist they choose and their particular artistic working process.
  • Do they have any questions or comments about the commission?
  • The Contract: the contract between Client/ BURUMIN/ Artist will be disscussed at this meeting.

Meeting #2:

  • The Contract: the contract between Client/ BURUMIN/ Artist will be signed at this meeting.
  • The Payment: BURUMIN Require an advance, 1/3 the total cost of the commission. The advance is non-refundable. If the clients back out, they need to understand and agree to the fact that the advance pays for invested time, labor, and art materials.
  • The clients will be shown drawings, rough sketches or preliminary paintings
  • Usually 2 A4 color pencil drawings of compositions for the clients to choose from.
  • Once all parties have agreed upon the concept, The Artist will began the Artwork
  • Meeting #3:
  • Clients will be Invited to view the painting about midway through the project.
  • At this time the client can still easily edit or make adjustments.
  • The Collector can get a clear picture of the Artists vision and the client can address any concerns.
  • Communication is key: BURUMIN encourage communication at all times. We generally chose to communicate via email.
  • Finally, the client/ Collector will obviously own the artwork but the client/Collector will have no rights to reproduce the art without written permission from the artist who will retain all rights.


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