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Nature’s gifts is a collection of artworks created by four artists who live and work in the Yuin region of the NSW South coast. For thousands of years, this country has been utilised by the Aboriginal people who lived here, The South Coast has historically been a place where people were welcome to gather and food was abundant in the river and ocean. Aboriginal people from the Yuin Nation, survived and prospered here, these four artists intend for this exhibition to celebrate this area and have incorporated that into some amazing artworks in what we expect to be an amazing exhibition. This series of works on canvas and wood tell of the land and sea, the animals, plants and people from the region, as well as offering stories which aim to honour their traditional customs and continue teaching about the land and sea to future generations. This exhibition provides Aboriginal traditions, experiences and knowledge. The traditional owners of the region, the people of the Yuin Nation, have known about these life-sustaining treasures for thousands of years.

As always we will also be displaying beautiful Australian traditional, contemporary, indigenous and non-indigenous artist works.

Friday MAY 9th 6– 8pm


Aboriginal Child and Family centre.

Holloway Rd Nowra

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